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Helpful training tips and techniques for changing your dog's behavior

Social Skills amongst Dogs

Lula is the small dog who has never been around much larger dogs and was fearful. And let's face it, just about everthing is bigger than a 4 lb. Yorkshire Terrier. Using Annie and Boise, who are very good with understanding to be gentle and patient, helped Lula overcome her fear.

Load and unload your dog from vehicle

Bo needed to learn how to get in a vehicle calmly and maintain calm while driving for safety. He also needed to learn how to wait before exiting the vehicle and then to sit as soon as he was out rather than taking off.

Training to walk on leash nicely outside

Taking Bo out around Diamonds in the Ruff property to practice his leash training exercises, walking in pace with his person and sitting with attention when they stop.

Train your dog to wait at doors

This dog training video is a lesson with Bo learning to sit at the door rather that bolting through and dragging his person.

Before training begins

This video is of Bo arriving for his first day of dog training, demonstrating how we started out.

Specific obedience skills

Bozeman the mini Labradoodle is 5 months old and this video was recording his 8th day of training. We are concentrating on the obedience skills his Dad requested. Waiting patiently & quietly while Dad goes out of sight, and walking nicely, sitting, remaining on a mat, and not jumping on people to greet them.

Playday with dogs who have gone thru training

Recess Time for dogs training at Diamonds in the Ruff

Learn to stay focused with distractions

Dakoda & Dakota nearing the end of their training program practicing their skills together.

Thoughts to ponder


See yourself through your dogs eyes.

  • If you perceive threat... would you come or avoid?
  • If you hear shouting in anger... would you stand confidently or cowardly?
  • If you sense panic... would you feel anxious or calm?
  • If you hear unclear instructions... would you know how to follow?
  • If you experience something undesirable... wouldn't you do something different?

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