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Diamonds in the Ruff, #1 School for Dogs in Toledo, Ohio

We provide you, your dogs' caregiver, the information to fully understand your dogs behavior. Teaching you how to provide what your dog needs to be well-balanced & exercised physically, mentally, & socially.

Our learning environment offers the ability to guide you through the real life challenges of everyday living with your dog.

A Certified Professional Trainer-Behaviorist gives you individual attention to work at your pace and concentrate on your specific needs.

We offer flexibility & variety to accommodate family's needs!

Puppy Pre-School

Families learn vital information to lay the foundation that will carry you all into "doghood". These interactive classes focus on the issues new puppy owners experience: housebreaking, biting, jumping, chewing, stealing, walking, grooming, social skills, and handling- Just to name a few!

Adolescent & Adult Dogs

Preschool is not a prerequisite for dealing with the issues mentioned above. No matter what your dog has learned or not learned these programs are all encompassing. We teach the human family members how to utilize the same things dogs use to communicate with one another; body language, visual cues and tone of voice, to create leadership and gain respect from their dog. We teach obedience skills to the family & dog to have a vocabulary.

Residence Information:

Families may choose to enroll their dog into our part-time RESIDENCE program. We begin the education process and provide unlimited lessons for the family to learn what their dog has learned and how to incorporate it into their home & life.

Home Schooling Information:

For those families who prefer to learn how to instruct their dog we offer a "HOME SCHOOLING" program scheduled at the family's convenience.

Start by calling or e-mail to schedule a convenient time for an initial evaluation to meet with the trainer and discuss the best program or design a program to suit your needs!

About Puppy Pre-School Program

What is Puppy Preschool?

Puppy Preschool is a program designed to help owners understand their puppy's development, and provide them with the skills to begin communicating what they want their puppy to do and not to do. Through proper communication, in a way puppies can understand, owners begin to lay the foundation for which the puppy will grow into "doghood" and a lifelong relationship together!

When to begin?

The optimum time for puppies to learn the things that will carry them through life is between the ages of 8 to 16 weeks. This is the period in which puppies are developing their attitudes about the world around them.

How long is the program?

The puppy and his/her family attend three, one-hour classes, where the importance of socialization with people, common household items, other animals, and going new places is discussed. As well as teaching, "hands-on", effective approaches to handling behavior issues such as chewing, play biting, jumping up, and housebreaking. Classes are scheduled at the families convenience and must be completed within 6 weeks. No refunds granted for unused classes.


Current vaccine records from the veterinarian (must have second series of shots).

Thoughts to ponder


See yourself through your dogs eyes.

  • If you perceive threat... would you come or avoid?
  • If you hear shouting in anger... would you stand confidently or cowardly?
  • If you sense panic... would you feel anxious or calm?
  • If you hear unclear instructions... would you know how to follow?
  • If you experience something undesirable... wouldn't you do something different?

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