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Lisa Guimond


Hi my name is Lisa. My philosophy about working with dogs and their people is about understanding the needs of both. My goal is to help you satisfy both your needs and that of your dogs’ to help you achieve the goals you have with your dog. I will listen to your concerns, frustrations, and dilemmas and devise a plan that puts you on a path of resolution.

I have studied and observed thousands of dogs, since graduating from a rigorous training program in 1997 at National K-9 in Columbus, OH. Reading dog behavior both with other dogs without the influence of human interaction to learn how they react and resolve conflicts as well as how humans interact with dogs that create conflict. Miscommunication between humans and their dogs is the key to the frustration most humans express when describing their dogs’ behavior.

I will dissect the communication barrier with you to bridge the gap of understanding why your dog behaves the way he does. Then give you specific direction and guidance through exercises to practice with your dog to affect positive behavior changes.

Learning is a process that requires consistency and practice to develop and advance. I believe training never ends but rather continues to grow, expand and evolve. That is why at Diamonds in the Ruff we are always available to answer questions, meet with you both at our facility and in your home or at a specific location.



My name is Rachael and I have been working closely beside Lisa since 1999. I too have been observing the dogs in our care to learn how they associate with one another to gain insight on how I can help you with your dog.

I began working in the office and spending time taking care of the dogs. I have grown to evaluating families with their dogs to make recommendations on how we can help you. I have conducted hundreds of lessons, showing families how to work with their dogs and create exercises to practice in an effort to recondition behavior. I also teach dogs obedience skills and show their people how to apply these skills in their homes and lives.

My personal experience of introducing my dogs to my children has been most valuable in relating to other young families.


Your dog’s behavior can be a reflection of your behavior. What changes can we help you make to help your dog?


National K-9 School for Dog Trainers 614-864-8808
Sheri May Meyers - Pet Styling Salon 419-868-6887
Susan Fraley - Invisible Fence of Northwest Ohio, Inc. 419-882-3644
Holly Farms Animal Care Center 419-841-3323
Northwest Veterinary Hospital, Delta 419-822-5030
High Point Animal Hospital - Whitehouse 419-877-3611
High Point Animal Hospital - Manley Road 419-865-3611
St. Francis Veterinary Hospital, Sylvania 419-824-8177
Central Kennels 419-829-4151

Thoughts to ponder


See yourself through your dogs eyes.

  • If you perceive threat... would you come or avoid?
  • If you hear shouting in anger... would you stand confidently or cowardly?
  • If you sense panic... would you feel anxious or calm?
  • If you hear unclear instructions... would you know how to follow?
  • If you experience something undesirable... wouldn't you do something different?

Call me at 419.825.5208, use our dog behavior knowledge to help you build a great relationship with your puppy/dog.